Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 20, Winter 2021, Pages 1-168 
8. Analysis of investor financial behavior based on Behavioral fluctuations with Delphi approach

Pages 121-130

Mohammad Reza Zolghadr Nasab; sina kheradyar; Fazel Mohammadi Nodeh; aiyoub Ahmadi moosa abadi

10. Describing Behavioral Finance Consequences on the Banking Organization

Pages 145-150

Mojtaba Mali; Mirfeiz fallah shams; ali saeedi; Mohammad Ismail Fadaei Nejad

11. The Effect of Financial Constraint Indexes on Risks Associated With Excess Cash Holdings

Pages 151-168

Seyedeh Neda Habibzadeh; sina kheradyar; Seyed Mozafar Mirbargkar; Mehdi Meshki