Author = Rasoul Abdi
Presenting accounting literacy model based on grounded theory

Volume 7, Issue 26, July 2022, Pages 197-212


Manouchehr Rahmati Ghourouli; Rasoul Abdi; Yaghoub Aghdam Mazrae; Nader rezaei

Effect of identity conflict and multiple identity on paradox of embedded agency in management accountants

Volume 7, Issue 25, April 2022, Pages 141-149

jalal aspookeh; Asgar Pakmaram; Rasoul Abdi; Nader rezaei

Presenting a Comprehensive Model for Portfolio Risk Premium Assessment and Explaining Its Economic Consequences

Volume 7, Issue 24, January 2022, Pages 205-216

Hamid Reza Azizi; Asgar Pakmaram; Nader Rezaei; Rasoul Abdi